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Ribeye vs. Sirloin: What is the Best Cut for a Steak?

When it comes down to selecting the best cut for a steak, people often seesaw between the two prime cuts: ribeye vs. sirloin. But really, what even is the big difference between them? Well, luckily for you, we’re here to break it all down. From the best flavor to the fastest cook time, this blog covers it all.

What is a Ribeye Cut?

A ribeye is a special cut from the rib section of the cow. Usually, the cut is taken from ribs six to twelve for a slice of exceptionally tender meat. Plus, the reason people prefer it so much is due to its marbling effect. Ribeye makes for a deliciously juicy steak with thin, white lines of intramuscular fat running across the meat.

When dealing with the specifics, a ribeye cut is professionally known as Spinalis Dorsi since it comes from the Longissimus Dorsi muscle.

Moreover, steak-lovers eat ribeye cut in different styles, such as Cowboy or Tomahawk steak. This is when the bone is left on the meat for an additional kick of flavor.

What is a Sirloin Cut?

A sirloin cut, on the other hand, is special on its own. The meat comes from a distinct part of the steer, located between the short loin and the round. Although the term ‘sirloin’ can signify it comes from a larger part of the loin, that isn’t always the case. The cut, in general, is big, but it is further sliced into smaller chunks for practical use. These range from the T-bone steak, Roast cuts, and the most common of them all: the top sirloin cut.

Despite not having a marbling effect like a ribeye, a sirloin cut still manages to be juicy and tender, especially since it’s leaner. For carnivores who prefer their meat on the chewier side without being too tough, sirloin is the best bet.

Ribeye vs Sirloin: What the Big Difference?

Now that you know where the cuts come from, it’s time to find out what sets them apart.

  • Flavor
    Ribeye: has a richer and more tender flavor thanks to its marbling effect.
    Sirloin: has more of a beefy flavor that gives the steak a bit of an authentic taste.
  • Healthier Option
    Ribeye: not as healthy as a sirloin steak, but depending on the seasoning and mode of cooking, it can be nutritious.
    Sirloin: comparatively, a much healthier option, as it is lean and lower in calories.
  • Cook Time
    Ribeye: depending on the marinade, mode of cooking, and preference, ribeyes cook faster than a top sirloin steak.
    Sirloin: since it’s a fat-free cut, tenderizing the meat might be required before the actual cooking process begins.
  • Cost-Effective Option
    Ribeye: due to the marbling on the meat and its ‘Prime’ title, a ribeye steak’s value is significantly higher than its counterpart.
    Sirloin: based on the number of servings, a sirloin steak tends to be more pocket-friendly.

What’s the Verdict?

Well, now that you’re all caught up with the ribeye vs. sirloin debate, what would you prefer to eat for your next cookout? If you’re still confused and feeling a little lazy, look no further. King Jerry Lawler’s Memphis BBQ Company is here to save the day! Just hit us up at (281) 864-5298 (Wallisville Road) or (832)-446-6557 (Jester Blvd. Suite), and we’ll take care of the rest.