Open Now at Wallisville – Come Experience BBQ Like No Other!

16344 Wallisville Rd, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77049

(281) 864-5298

About Us

If we know one thing
It’s Barbeque
And Memphis Barbecue is the best
Say anything else and those are just fightin’ words.
At The King Jerry Lawler’s Memphis BBQ Company we believe that great barbecue should have the same characteristics as a wrestler, bold, in your face, and not afraid to give even the biggest fella a punch in the mouth.

When it comes to our championship barbecue we only know how to make it one way, the right way. And that’s the Memphis way. Our barbecue is authentic, the real deal, just like the KING, Jerry Lawler himself. And we stand behind it, holding a folding chair, ready to go to the mat for some championship barbecue and rubs.

So ding ding, step into the ring and get ready to eat. We’re about to tag-team your taste buds with some of the best bbq you’ve ever put in your mouth.