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Brisket Flat vs Point: Which is the More Ma-chest-ic Cut?

When it comes to smoked meat, there is rarely any other meat that can live up to the glory of a brisket. The dark yet crunchy bark of the roasted beef pairs so well together with its tender and juicy inside. Brisket is truly an experience when it comes to top-tier foods. It’s hard not to fall in love with it. But what makes it so yummy? Is it the flat part or the point end that gives brisket its unique flavor and texture?

In this blog, we’ll cover the most significant differences between a brisket flat vs. point. It’s time to uncover the secrets of this ma-chest-ic cut, once and for all.

Parts of a Brisket: What are They?

Did you know there are two separate parts of a brisket that help to make it whole? Essentially, brisket is like a meat sandwich, with a layer of fat in the middle, separating the brisket point from the flat.

The flat cut is the bottom part, which comes below the thick layer of fat in between. This is what keeps the meat from drying out and turning into a tough rock. The brisket point, or the deckle, is good for ground beef or sandwich slices. It has fat marbling atop the meat, but the ratio of meat vs. fat isn’t equal, with fat toppling over the meat portion.

Brisket Flat vs. Point: The Final Showdown

Considering how two different brisket parts make it whole, what exactly is it that sets them apart? Well, first off, the big difference between a brisket flat vs. a point is that they both have varying characteristics. Their differing areas are rather spanned out from how much fat a portion has to what is the best cooking method. Nonetheless, here are the top three things you need to know about when it comes to a brisket point and flat brisket:

Amount of Fat

Firstly, the fat content between the two trims is important to evaluate. The brisket point has plenty of connective tissues and a detailed marbling effect on the meat. In contrast, the flat cut is leaner, making for excellent deli meat or homemade corned beef. But if you want to make a roast or hamburger meat, brisket point is the way to go.


The point cut of brisket has a rather intense beefy flavor, enhanced by the fat. On the other hand, a flat cut has a more concentrated and fierce taste. You can boost the flavor of either cut by opting for different dry rubs or brine.


The brisket point starts off with a thick end and finishes off with a thinner end. The size can vary depending on many different factors. However, a flat cut is larger and more uniform in size in comparison to the point portion.

What’s Next?

All in all, a brisket flat vs. point has multiple differences that set them apart, but at the same time, they offer great taste and make for an even tastier roast. So what are you waiting for? Satisfy your hunger by calling King Jerry Lawler’s Memphis BBQ Company at (281)-864-5298 (Wallisville Road) or (832)-446-6557 (Jester Blvd. Suite) to place your customized order.