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How Does American Style BBQ Compare To Asian Style BBQ.

Everyone loves BBQ; that is why it is so famous around the world. However, while the love of BBQ unites the world, our diverse palette sets up an equally contrasting style of BBQ cooking. Therefore, let’s discuss the difference between the Asian (Indian and Pakistani) BBQ style and the American style BBQ.

Light Up Those Coals.

While Americans like to cook their meat over wood, many Asian countries prefer charcoal for their BBQ. Although the heat sources may be different, the purpose is to cook the meat over smoke. Moreover, BBQ masters worldwide have one job to ensure that the meat gets tender without burning it.

Cooking over smoke entraps it in the meat, inculcating the distinctive smoky taste of the BBQ. As you know, coal is a better reserve of energy than wood. Consequently, radiating coals emit heat better than wood. Thus, Asian BBQ cooks a lot faster than its American counterparts.

Choice of Meat:

While Americans like to toss whole pork in the pit, Asians salivate on smaller portions of meat. For us, pork, pork shoulders, and ribs are the king. Even though a few American-styled BBQ prefer cattle, it’s safe to say we are united over pork as our BBQ staple. However, Asians like to decorate their plate primarily with beef and mutton. In many Asian countries, pork is a rarity partly due to religious and cultural beliefs.

Spicy Side Sauces:

Side sauces add additional flavor to the meal, just like a cherry on the top. However, in America, one can stumble upon a variety of side dishes corresponding to different regions. For example, in Carolina BBQ, a mayonnaise-based sauce is served, while Memphis goes for a tangy tomato-based side sauce.

When you can find such a diverse collection of side sauces in America, it’s natural that Asians will have their own way with side sauces. In India and Pakistan, BBQ is served with a thin, runny side sauce made out of mint. Moreover, a spicier variant also exists that comprises Tamarind. These sauces even go by the name ‘chutney’ in local dialects.

While we have only discussed the former subcontinent, you can find regional variations of side sauces all over Asia. One can be quickly intrigued by what peculiar side sauces other countries might throw in the mix.

Different Regions Have Different Rubs:

America’s four BBQ styles are known for their differences in rubs that throw different tastes into the platter. Similarly, you can expect an equally diverse rub collection from Asian countries perfected for local taste buds. They use a whole other bunch of spices and marination techniques.


It’s fascinating how different communities and cultures share our love for BBQ, albeit their style being poles apart from what we practice here in Memphis. It shows how BBQ adapts to cultural needs and regional taste; With all these variables, BBQ still climbs to the top of culinary delights.

Whether in Asia or America, BBQ is the king, and we are the crowned dealers. We know how to fire up those taste buds of yours. Check out our menu for exquisite BBQ items, and call us at 901-509-2360 for reservations and inquiries.