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Is Brisket Beef or Pork? | Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before Ordering a Brisket

Whether it’s because of strict dietary conditions or certain religious restrictions, knowing what kind of meat you’re eating is essential. Perhaps this is why most people wonder if brisket is beef or pork. It goes without saying that brisket is a delicious meal. You can trim it down into thin slices for sandwiches, grind it down for hamburgers, or even slow roast it for a tempting meal. Plus, since it’s super accessible and inexpensive. Brisket will always be one of the top preferred meats for a bbq roast.

Is Brisket Beef or Pork?

Being one of the most popular barbeque foods, brisket is a special cut taken from a cow’s pectoral region. Simply put, brisket is beef, not pork, and it comes from the lower chest area of a cow. Since cows don’t have a collarbone, most of their day-to-day activities depend on the chest muscles. This is because the entire weight of the cow falls atop these muscles, giving the meat its uniquely tough texture.

Where Does Brisket Come From?

Brisket comes from cattle animals, such as a cow, steer, heifer, or veal. The chest muscles of a cattle animal make for a great cut, especially in the lower pectoral area. Considering how there’s plenty of fat sandwiched between the point and flat cut of the meat, brisket makes for a great barbeque menu. It has a higher percentage of oleic acid, which helps to increase HDL levels in your body.

Does Pork Have Brisket?

Many people might not know this, but pork meat also has a brisket section. The only difference is that pork brisket comes from pork shoulder, not the chest muscles. In fact, it’s not quite well known; most butchers don’t even carry it commercially.

Nonetheless, to resemble beef brisket, pork brisket also has two portions: the fatty end and the leaner one. However, in reality, the ‘lean’ cut is taken from the pork’s belly, which means it’s not as lean as one might think but rather fatty. On the other hand, a point trim is cut from the picnic ham portion (the shoulder) or the Boston butt (the upper half of the shoulder). Both of these cuts are extremely different from the beef version, where the fat and meat ratio varies.

Moreover, even the weight count of a pork brisket sets it miles apart. Where a beef brisket is from 10 to 20 pounds, a pork brisket is only 1 to 4 pounds. So, even if there is a pork alternative to beef brisket, it does not match its flavor, texture, or taste accordingly.

Where to Get Good Beef Brisket in TX?

All in all, it doesn’t matter if brisket is beef or pork, everyone loves a good slow-roasted bbq either way. There may be differences between the two, such as their cut, size, fat-to-meat ratio, weight, etc., but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re oh-so-delicious. So, if you’re in the mood for a juicy brisket that’ll leave you wanting more, call King Jerry Lawler’s Memphis BBQ Company today at (281) 864-5298 (Wallisville Road) or (832) 446-6557 (Jester Blvd. Suite).