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The Long History Of BBQ And The American Culture.

Although BBQ tradition is the staple of American culture, its root arises somewhere far from America. So, where did the barbecue originate from, and why does it have profound importance in the American culture? Therefore, in this article, we will shed light on the history and roots of BBQ and how the tradition migrated to southern America.

A Smoky Technique From The Caribbean:
An indigenous tribe from the Caribbean had developed a procedure to cook meat over indirect flames using greenwood. This method prevents the meat from burning while picking up the smoky aroma. Consequently, this innovative method of cooking and the smoky taste of the meat surprised Spanish explorers.

Quickly Spaniards adapted this cooking style, and when they moved into South America, they introduced BBQ in the region. Ironically, the way of cooking meat with wood and fire spread like wildfire in America.

Pork And BBQ:
These days we have BBQ made from lamb or mutton prepared over a pit or grill. However, traditionally that was not the case as BBQ was solely practiced with pork.

As we discussed, BBQ in America is rooted in the southern region, and their residents depended on a cheap food source. Thus, their diet heavily relied on pork. This is because pigs were reared and farmed easily and generally required lower resources. Unlike cows and cattle, which require closed spaces and vast feed, pigs were let loose in the forest when feed supply ran low. Eventually, when the farmer captured pigs later for slaughtering, they were much leaner. Consequently, residents utilized the slow and low nature of BBQ to tenderize the meat. Ultimately,
such a rich and deep history fostered the bond between pork and BBQ.

BBQ And Different Cooking Style:
A prominent trait of American BBQ cuisine is its varying cooking styles in the four mega BBQ regions, Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis, and Texas. Although states lie in close proximity, the cooking style evolved distinctly. Thus, the way cooking style evolved tells a fascinating history of how Europeans and immigrants contributed to America’s favorite culinary delight.

Take the use of sauce with BBQ as an example. This tradition was introduced by the British in Carolina as a way to preserve juices of the meat. North Carolina particularly uses vinegar-based sauces for seasoning their BBQ. Similarly, South Carolina also has their BBQ sauce inspired by the French and German immigrants of that area. Thus, from the influence of French and German residents, a mustard-based BBQ sauce was born.

Historical Figures And BBQ:
While the popularity of BBQ rose among the general public, history also mentions BBQ with some pivotal figures. For example, George Washington was a massive BBQ buff, and his diaries had records of the BBQ events. Likewise, the wedding feast of Abraham Lincoln’s family was primarily based on BBQ.

American cultures and BBQ have been intertwined for ages. Moreover, with each new era, we can see a new addition to the BBQ culture. Hence, it’s incredible how welcoming and adaptive BBQ really is. Do you want to taste how BBQ adapts well to evolving culture? If so, we recommend you to try out our BBQ nachos. Thus, try the King of BBQ, and place an online order from our menu, then let us take care of your cravings.