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What is The Difference Between Porterhouse Vs. T Bone?

Are you a steak lover? With the many steak cuts, you may find yourself dragged into discussions about which is the best one. But when it comes to porterhouse vs. t-bone steak, many people have the wrong idea. So before you delve into the next juicy steak, read this blog to know the difference between porterhouse and t bone.

Porterhouse Vs. T Bone: Are they Different?

Porterhouse and t-bone both come from the different ends of a cow’s short loin. The short loin, running from the last rib into the midsection and onto the hip area, comprises both steaks. You can cut a t-bone shape through the short loin, with one side containing the tenderloin and the other a larger shell muscle, also known as the strip steak. Moreover, it has a bone shaped like a T running through it.

The porterhouse is very similar to t-bone steak, but it is bigger in size, particularly on the tenderloin side. Thus, it has a remarkably larger portion of filet meat. It is an incredibly hefty cut of steak, and many steakhouses serve it as a meal for two. The filet should be at least 1.25 inches thick for it to qualify as a porterhouse.

If the T bone does not measure up to the 1.25 inches mark, it is just a t bone steak. In addition, the filet has to be 0.25 inches thick to qualify as a t-bone steak. Otherwise, it should be sold as a bone-in NY strip or a club steak.

Are the Prices Different for Porterhouse & T Bone?

Yes, the price for porterhouse and t-bone is different. Since they’re ample in filets, porterhouse tends to cost more than t bone steaks. Furthermore, factors like quality, pounds, how long they’re aged, and the shop will also affect the price.

Difference in Cooking Porterhouse Vs. T Bone?

T bone and porterhouse are similar as they have the same texture. This is because they come from the same part as a cow. Cooking porterhouse, however, will take more time as it has a larger filet.

You can choose the same method of cooking, whether you’re making porterhouse or t bone. Additionally, a cast-iron skillet is probably the best choice to prepare these steaks. This is because it’ll leave the inside a perfect medium-rare pink and give the steak the ultimate sear. Plus, you can use salt and pepper to season the steak, giving it a nice brown crust.

Other than this, you can always use the steak rub for seasoning and take out your charcoal or gas grill. This method will elevate the flavor of your porterhouse grill.

Tips for Buying Both Steaks

Here are a couple of useful tips to help you buy t-bone or porterhouse steak:

  • Buy a T Bone with consistent filet thickness. This way, you can have something closer to a porterhouse but at a lower price.
  • Look for code 1173 if you’re buying a porterhouse; 1174 is the code for T bone.

Craving Steaks?

Can’t decide between porterhouse vs. t bone? It can be hard to choose, but you can scroll through Jerry BBQ and make your pick from our menu. You can even have our yummylicious meals at an event by hiring our catering services. Give us a ring at (832) 446-6557.