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Which From These 7 Types Of Steak Is The Best?

Steaks are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Deciding steaks for dinner is not that difficult, but choosing the actual cut of meat is where experts come into play. There are many types of steak pieces available to choose from. So, which one is the best to cook? Let’s find out.


Ribeye steaks are all about fattiness, have excess marbling, and thus a pit of flavor. This quality makes it super popular, ranking them as one of the top-tasting types of steak.

This piece is best to cook over high heat up on the grill preferably; or in a cast iron skillet. This gives it a perfect sear. An additional advantage of using this piece is that you can’t overcook it. Why? Because of the extensive fat layer.


A strip steak or the New York Strip (boneless), Kansas City Strip (bone-in), or Top Sirloin comes from a cow’s short loin area. It’s amongst the favorites due to its succulent beefy flavor and appropriate marbling; not too much, not too little.
The tenderness of this meat peice is the reason that makes it retain all of its chewiness and makes it easy to cook.


Filet mignon is a type of tenderloin steak and is pretty popular. This is cut from an area of the cow that does not get to have a lot of movement, so this cut is linear and very tender. However, they can be less flavorful than others, but the smooth, buttery texture surely makes up for it.


A hanger steak comes either from the plate or upper belly of a cow. This piece is enriched with beefy flavor or quite mineral-like with a loose texture, which helps for appropriate marinating. The hanger steak piece is very tender and traditionally a part of Mexican cuisine.


This extravagant cut of beef has two different types of steak in one: tenderloin and strip. A porterhouse steak is sold on the bone. Although it is very tasty, the bone makes it difficult to cook because of two different fat contents. Mostly, T-bone and porterhouse is used interchangeably, but they are technically very different. A porterhouse piece is thicker and usually cut from the back end of the cow’s short loin. Therefore contains more tenderloin meat.


Grilling is one of the options when it comes to short ribs. This piece can be made in more than one way, which is braising. Short ribs are marble-like, resembling a ribeye. It is power packed with flavor along with a thick, meaty texture. An added plus point is that it is cheap to buy.


Skirt steaks are the start when it comes to making food items like fajitas. This juicy, thin and long, super fat cut from beef comes from the plate of the cow’s belly. Since it has many connective tissues, it’s really hard. However, with appropriate smart cooking techniques, it can turn out tender. These pieces are rich and buttery due to their fat content.


Getting the right cut may seem like a tough job, let alone cooking it. Why don’t you drop by Jerry’s BBQ for an exquisite steak experience? We are waiting to serve you one of the finest dishes we have to offer. Give us a call at (281) 864-5298 for more info.